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    Welcome to the Mistflux Network Wiki!​

    The primary purpose of the wiki is to help new and veteran players navigate the (sometimes confusing) world that is Minecraft. Contained within the Wiki, you'll find pages upon pages of rules, tutorials, and server information. Maintained by Network Management, this Wiki always has the most up-to-date information about the Network and its servers.

    Network Information​

    Server Information​

    • Hub Server
      • Rules
      • PvP Arena
      • Mob Arena
      • Info Center
      • Rank Shop
    • Towny Server
      • Basic Information
      • Rules
      • New Player Town
      • Wilderness and Ruins
      • Towny Tutorial
    • Skyblock Server
      • Basic Information
      • Rules
      • Creating an Island
      • Using the Shop
      • Helpful Commands
      • Nether and the End

    Donation Information​

    • VIP Rank
      • Patron Disclaimer
      • Rank Disclaimer
    Important: Our In-Game and VIP Ranks do not grant any player an advantage over another. All rewards from each network rank and the VIP rank are absolutely obtainable in-game. This means there are no mechanics in place to boost one players power over another artificially. Our donation system abides by the Minecraft Terms of Use.
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